Our Story

Franchise Right is a Melbourne based company led by well known franchising experts, Sue Campbell and Phil Blain. Having successfully worked together for many years, Sue and Phil saw the growing demand for high quality and affordable consultancy within the franchising sector and established the company in 2014.

Naming Franchise Right was a collaborative effort led by Sue. Both she and her team hold the philosophy that franchising a business must be done right the first time. Knowing how costly mistakes can be, Sue wanted to convey their dedication to the franchising process and their commitment as specialists and trusted advisors.

The holistic and practical franchising knowledge Sue and Phil share is part of what makes Franchise Right special. With their strong understanding of the uniqueness of a business model, the team at Franchise Right have much more than just industry knowledge.  When you work with us, you are collaborating with people who have operated franchised businesses – experienced experts in franchise training and support.

With Franchise Right, clients not only get the practical knowledge and skills needed for franchising success, they get honesty and commitment from some of the very best people in the industry.

Our Guiding Principles
Melbourne's best in franchise training and development

To activate and guide a client’s business success through positive and collaborative consultation processes and accelerated learning programs.


Franchise Right aim to be the insightful franchising and business growth partners for clients wishing to convert their big ideas into commercial reality.


Open and Candid – displaying honesty in all that we do
Responsible – always trustworthy and ensuring a duty of care to our clients
Collaborative – nurturing and working in harmonious partnership
Ambitious – aiming high for our clients
Active – committed to achieving results

Our Team
Melbourne's Best Franchise Advisor

Sue Campbell


Professional, down to earth and highly experienced, Sue Campbell understands all aspects of franchising. From developing a franchise system, to running her own businesses, Sue’s coaching and training qualifications, marketing skills, hands on experience and years as General Manager give her an extensive knowledge of an effective franchise.  Read More

Phil Blain


Industry spokesperson and highly respected within the sector, Phil Blain has over thirty years of franchising experience. Phil holds a Diploma of Franchise Studies, is an Accredited Franchise Executive (University NSW) and has a Certificate in Franchise Structure and Management (Griffith University). Read More

Melbourne's best franchise marketing and training

Anna Ramondetta

Training & Communications

Anna Ramondetta comes equipped with the insight and knowledge on achieving great results for growing your business or franchise. Highly skilled in her areas of expertise, Anna holds a Bachelor of Marketing and  various training and coaching qualifications. With over twenty years’ experience as a professional in London and Australia, Anna is sought after for her effective and result driven workshops. Read more

Alison Karnatz

Systems Consultant

Operational Documentation specialist Alison Karnatz has almost a lifetime of franchise experience behind her. Growing up, Alison’s parents owned and operated as franchisees, giving her a detailed insight into the operations of a franchise from a very early age. Read more

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