Franchise Operations Manuals

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Operations Manuals are an integral part of any Franchise tool box. Essential for training, they advise and guide franchisees on the specific obligations and solutions involved in running that small business.

Over the years we have seen a variety of manuals produced, ranging from twenty pages to six hundred. While the size varied drastically, the one consistent thing we found was that most of these manuals weren’t effective. Franchisees were still calling the franchiser with questions that were apparently already answered in the manual…

With this in mind, we put our franchising experience to work and created a Systems Development role within Franchise Right. Creating this position has allowed us to work alongside our clients to develop digital operations manuals that are effective and useful tools for franchisees.

We’ve dispensed with the cumbersome manuals of old and created logical, easy to navigate sections. Instead of one huge reference, we break down key elements of the business such as Branding, Merchandising, Opening & Closing etc. We educate you on the specifics that are necessary for inclusion – we also teach the importance of regularly updating your manual – this keeps the document alive and ensures both you and your franchisee are across any legislative changes.

We spend the time with you to understand the business. We learn every single ingredient or step that it takes to make your burger or to deliver a client the experience they should have when visiting the franchise. Our understanding of franchise systems processes allows us to refine and articulate how franchisees need to be trained in order to understand and effectively undertake their roles.

Interactive, interesting and simple, Franchise Right makes sure your franchisees have access to all the answers they need to effectively run the franchise. An effective operations manual also provides you with a valuable selling tool when recruiting new franchisees.

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