Business Development Training for Franchises

What Makes a Great
Business Development Manager

Expanding on my previous blog Franchise Visits and Audits, I’d like to talk more about the importance of a great Business Development Mangers (BDM’s) – a critical role which keeps the franchise relationship running smoothly.

Usually the first point of contact when training incoming franchisees, the BDM often remains the ‘go to’ person for operational queries and other questions relating to the franchise. Your BDM also looks after the policing, mentoring and measuring of operational standards and procedures through compliance reports and other reporting tools.

The BDM is also responsible for working with franchisees to grow their business by:

  • Increasing customers
  • Implementing new marketing techniques
  • Assisting with financial reporting
  • Providing feedback through Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Benchmarking against the specific franchise network and industry standards.

While it’s often extremely beneficial for individuals in the BDM role to have franchising knowledge and experience it’s not as essential as you might think. The role however, is definitely challenging and requires someone with a diverse range of skills. Here’s what I believe are they key elements that go into making an excellent BDM:

  • Excellent Communication – written and verbal.
  • Facilitator – for effective meetings, focus groups, team building
  • Motivator – getting franchisees to reach their full potential
  • Auditor – essential for system compliance
  • Coach – growing the business and improving profitability
  • Recruiter – as prescribed through the franchise’s recruitment process
  • Qualifications – relevant business studies
  • Technical Skill – display operational excellence
  • Ethics – professionalism, credibility, confidentiality

At Franchise Right we excel in training and refining the skills and attributes of those within a BDM role. We know the personal qualities and characteristics that are necessary to be efficient and effective and have had great success in working with clients to really get the best from their BDM.

Contact us to see how we can help you build your business and reach your financial goals!