What’s Hot in Franchising

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Recently I was asked to provide some input for the Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand magazine on what I think are the key future trends for franchising.

This is a great publication that provides great insight into the world of franchising – I recommend anyone who’s interested or involved in franchising to take a look at some of their editions. The more knowledge you have, the better!

I really enjoyed putting the article together for them. Here’s what I think are hottest opportunities waiting to happen for franchises.

Aged Care – the proportion of the Australian population aged over 65 is projected to almost double by about 25% by 2055. With independent living becoming increasingly popular for seniors this creates a fantastic franchising opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for long term business growth and sustainability in this sector.

Health Services – The health industry continues to rise and rise – particularly in physiotherapy, podiatry, dermatology and beauty. Preventative therapy for long term health is a high priority on the consumer wish list thus creating large demand in this sector. Franchising as a growth plan is now a popular choice.

Pet Services – Australians love their animals which is why we have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. This high number of pets per capita results in a large demand for veterinary, grooming, daycare, boarding and other pet services that are all perfectly aligned to a franchising model.

Cosmetic & Body Services – Laser is THE hot topic! Following the European trend, Australia is experiencing swift growth in this area – closely followed by other services including; weight loss, cosmetic injectables and other body treatments. With such a huge market, franchising these businesses has been a proven vehicle for rapid expansion and market penetration.

Food – Always a ‘Hot’topic! At present we’ve been seeing a group of smart operators identifying variety and innovation in food concepts. They attack the market by rapidly opening retail outlets and online delivery platforms and control the supply chain by setting up central kitchens to ensure quality and consistent production. Turn key operations like these are always popular for potential franchisees who want their own business.

There’s always plenty of opportunities waiting to happen – just remember to contact us at Franchise Right so we can equip you with as much knowledge as possible before making the leap.